“Save The Date” Wedding Template from Wix – Web Design – Tutorial

Let’s explore the Wedding RSVP template from Wix.com. Learn Web design along the way, from a Wix Certified Trainer.

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Description of the template from Wix:
This fun, colorful design is guaranteed to get guests excited about your special event. Customize the template with your own details and easily collect RSVPs through Wix events.
Good for a Wedding, Anniversary, or Engagement

Partial Transcript:
Hello everybody, I’m Michael Wood. Welcome to the Webmaster Academy. Today I’m going to be talking about the “save the date” template from Wix.com. This template is really great for
any type of special event where you want people to RSVP. So it’s not just for weddings. You can use it for anniversaries, or engagement parties, or anything else that you want to celebrate. This is a quick website template you can use to get people to easily RSVP to your event electronically. Now, there are
different services out there that do this sort of thing and they’re dedicated to that. That’s fine. But again this class is about web design, so you’re going to learn not only the functionality but you’ll learn the web design that goes behind it. That’s the advantage of using a web design program to create your RSVP. If you use a third party, you’re going to pay them a lot of money and you will not really learn anything along the way. So let’s go ahead and get started with the “save the date” template from Wix.com. Although, you don’t have to use Wix to understand the design principles that are being applied here.

Let’s first take a tour of the website itself and then at the end
of the video, I’ll show you how to customize the site to match your own theme or event. Let’s go into the site itself now and what I’ll do is I’ll do a quick refresh because this is the best way to see any kind of animations that might be happening. So you see, the title is animated that says “Emily and Daniel” “save the date” At the top left-hand corner, we have the home button and the RSVP button. Just two buttons. Very simple.

Scroll down and you could see the little animations and the fun cartoons that are here. By the way, you can use all of these cartoons and animations as part of your template. That
comes with the template itself. Here we have the couple dancing. It’s very fun. A little bit of a retro feel to it.

So that’s a pretty simple site. It just says “hey follow us” “check out the date” and “don’t forget to bring your dancing
shoes” and this site will allow them to RSVP. If you click on RSVP that then takes you to this button here, “RSVP button” And now we’re going to use Wix Events to get the job done. This will simply fill out their first name, last name, email. Hit submit.
Here’s the best part. They will get email confirmations and reminders about the event. They will even be able to cancel if they need to, electronically, so a lot of these things will be handled on the back end. And you, as that final user, will be able to get a list of all of your RSVP participants and you can then continue to send them Shoutouts and other types of emails. You will have control of that list and you know it’s happening all in the background.

This is really web design at its best, its simplest, and its finest. Because a great website allows you to do the things you love to do without babysitting the code in the website itself. Let the website work hard for you and that’s what this template does. It’ll collect those names and lets the guests know about the information, so once you build your website, you would go ahead and get that link and then share that link across all of your social medias or whatever campaigns that you want to launch. That link will give them the information and the ability to RSVP so it’s very simple to set up.

Now Let’s talk about how to customize the site for yourself.

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Video Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hhRGgHnPYUA

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