Front-End Architecture | Setting Up & Organizing your Website Projects | Coding Tutorial

In this episode, I talk about how I organize my Front-End Develoment Projects to use modern technologies like SASS, Javascript, Task Runners and build my sites in a modular way.

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Modern Web Front-End Web Development requires a bit more focus than it used to. You still basically link your stylesheets and scripts in your HTML document, but how you do that and how to redo that is important for workflow and the modular style of sites.

Check out my video on ways to preprocess CSS:

I cover the following in this video:
1. How to set up your project files organizationally
2. How to pre-process your CSS to make life easier
3. How to use, and what tools to use for Pre-Processing (task runners, terminal, Codekit)
4. How to think about code in a modular way

The important thing is not that you set up and organize your projects just like me, but that you do it at all. There are many ways of doing that but it’s about a way of thinking. Read these great articles to learn more about how to organize CSS.


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