How I approach designing a website – my thought process

A look at my thought process behind my design, as I use Photoshop to create my design. This video isn’t intended to be a Photoshop how-to video, but instead be a look at my thought process while I’m designing.

Photoshop is a great tool, but so are Sketch and XD. Whatever tool you are using, it’s the ideas behind your design that make it great. I look a little at why I picked my fonts and colors, and most importantly I look at how I want the website to flow in order to keep the visitor engaged with the site.

Get the starting template here:

And here is the series where I build out the site using Bootstrap 4: Build a website with Bootstrap 4:

If you’d like something more step-by-step, check out this short series on putting together a design using Adobe XD:

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