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PHP Tutorial for beginners introduction
Mysql and PHP tutorial for beginners

In this video I take an overview to PHP and what you can do with it, especially when you integrate it with MySQL. I show you how websites use this type of programing and how you could integrate it into your own websites.
In particular you can create things like registration, comments, contact etc. If you want some to tutorials on them just let me know and I’ll get one out in the next… 3 years or so.
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All of the coding will be done in Adobe Dreamweaver CS5, but you do not need this version or any paid software to follow along. It will be coded by hand.
ie. Dreamweaver CS4, Dreamweaver CS3, Notepad, Notepad++ etc will all work.

There are many parts to this series so you can follow along on each step.

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PHP tutorial for Beginners
MySQL tutorial for beginners
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