CSS Tutorial – Web Development Tutorial for Beginners (#5)

In this CSS tutorial for beginners, we’ll cover how to manually build out a content panel similar to the ones in Twitter Bootstrap and also describes css cascading and specificity rules.

This is part 5 of a series of web development tutorials for beginners. Here are the other videos in this series.

Basic HTML:
Basic CSS #1:
Basic CSS #2 – making layouts:
Basic CSS #3 – introducing Bootstrap:

Video Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rDv9tObvqgo

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How To Make a Responsive Website in 8 Minutes (Dreamweaver Tutorial)

I ensure you that it is the Most Effective and Easy process to make Responsive Website. Just follow my steps and try to create your one. After practicing a couple of time try to experiment with sizes and values. It will help you to become more professional.

I write some point on my video. You can pause and read the text for better learning.

Notes :

1. Always create ‘new fluid grid layout’ and use the default setting. After practicing sometimes, you can change the value for experiments. But I am telling you again, you can’t change the value after creating your ‘main.css’ file. If you think your submitted value is not well for the design, you can’t change it. You have to start your design from the scratch again.

2. Remove the content between ‘gridContainer clearfix’ tag and create your own tags between ‘gridContainer clearfix’ tag. remember, anything outside of ‘gridContainer clearfix” tag will not be responsive.

3. There are three options of all divs, the first option is for Mobile view, the second one is for Tab and the last one is for Desktop view.

4. We should change the value for all views accordingly our need but when you need same value for all views, just change the First One (Mobile View), it will change other views also by default.

5. Div height should be set to ‘AUTO’ for the better result.

6. Use Big images for Header

7. Use Fixed Size Images (like 250px X 250 or 400px X 200px) etc for inbetween text.

8. When you create Drop Down navbar, Dreamweaver will create some JAVA SCRIPT files for you. Just allow it.

NB : I use div background color for proper viewing , the text should be write on white background. NO Background Color means White Background.

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Video Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QE_ziCdcTHI

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Responsive Webdesign mithilfe von CSS Media Querys & Java Script! | Tutorial

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